Lets Get Together

The concept is in writing.  This is a 100% volunteer and spur of the moment idea to gather on the 50th Anniversary of the first race at the Greenwood Roadway.  If you know anyone who is a fan of Greenwood, sports cars, or maybe even raced there then lets get the word out and make this an event the next generation can remember. 

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  1. Bob Parker

    My buddy Rich Hummel and I spent several days and a few camping nights at what we thought was the absolute epitome of high school life.
    Rich had a red ’59 MGA with minor engine modifications and I had a ’60 Corvair with Thomas trombone exhaust that would stomp the MGA’s ass in straight line racing. The tables turned when we were in curves. I did have to haul the head and manifolds through deep snow to our high school shop so Rich could do some machining on those parts.
    Not sure if photos exist of our camping inside the track. But as teenagers able to spend a night camping in what we thought was heaven, we did things and saw parts of the racing community that to this day are are indelible visions in my mind. Hot dogs and pork and beans burned together in an old cast iron skillet over a campfire made of wood and rocks from right on the grounds.
    We saw Chapparals, Lolas, Cobras, Grand Sport Corvettes, and about every European sports car there. What an experience for high schoolers.
    Surely hope June 8th is as fun and memorable for the kid in me now as it was for the kid I was 50 years ago!!!
    Bob Parker
    Indianola, Iowa

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