On June 8th 1963 sports car racing came to Iowa. 50 years later the sports cars are coming back.

Car Show

The vintage car show will feature cars that actually raced at Greenwood Roadway. Classes will also feature american and european sports car and trans-am cars manufactured before 1967 of the type that could have raced at Greenwood Roadway.

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Parade Laps

For the perfect photo opportunity parade laps will recreate the look of your favorite races at Greenwood Roadway. Parade laps will be run with cars such as Cobra, Jaguar, Corvette, MG, Triumph, Austin-Healey and Porsche.

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Listen to presentations from those who were instrumental in the design of the track, working at the track, and racing at the Greenwood Roadway. Talk to and hear the stories when for the first time those who raced the circuit reunite for the first time.

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